Stony Plain Veterinary Clinic aspires to be a leader in patient care, client education and emergency services.


SPVC fosters an environment of learning, communication and appreciation to strengthen our team and our commitment to extraordinary client interactions.

  • Over the next two years, we will increase our general and emergency capabilities through a team of 5 Veterinarians with different areas of focus, who will attend a minimum one in person CE class per year in their area of special interest.
  • Continually develop our team members through a structured and comprehensive mentorship program, allowing staff to grow and gain new skills.
  • Develop a team culture of professionalism, encouragement and gratitude.
  • Regular meetings to assure adequate and timely communication to update, remind, organize, understand, share knowledge, discuss challenges and celebrate wins, through:
    • Daily 5-minute meeting
    • Weekly Team meetings
    • One on one private and respectful communication


  • Constructive communication essential for success: achieved through regular 1:1 conversations, daily and weekly team meetings.
  • We are all accountable and recognize when we fall short of expectations or make a mistake, and ask for respectful constructive feedback.
  • We embrace new ideas and/or change that helps us be more efficient, whether it be a process, procedure or how work is organized.
  • We respect the expertise of our Veterinarians, supporting their decisions, and work together to achieve our goals.
  • Lead with compassion, connect with others, offer kindness and understanding.