Travelling With Pets

Road Trips

  1. Make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccines and deworming.
  2. If travelling to an area outside Alberta and Saskatchewan check with your vet to confirm if heartworm is prevalent in the area you are traveling to (You may be required to have your pet tested for heartworm prior to starting preventatives if there is potential your pet may have been previously exposed to heartworm disease).
  3. If travelling to the USA, make sure to bring your vaccine certificate (make sure your pet has received a Rabies vaccine). Also, some pet foods are not allowed to be brought into the United States. It’s best to research on whether you can bring your pet’s food; if not, you may need to buy pet food at your final destination.
  4. If camping, flea/tick preventatives are a good idea.
  5. If your pet doesn’t travel in the car well (ex. He gets car sick or gets anxious), talk to your vet about anti-nausea medication or mild sedatives.
  6. Keep your pets safe and secure in a well-ventilated crate or carrier. If your dog will be riding on the seat, outfit them with a harness and safety belt to keep them secure in case of sudden stops or changes in direction. Cats should ALWAYS be in a carrier. It’s best to give your pet time to get used to the carrier beforehand, that way they will be much more comfortable travelling in it.
  7. If your pet is on any kind of medication, make sure to bring enough to get you through your holidays, plus a few extra days’ worth, just in case.
  8. Make sure your pet’s contact information is up to date.


  1. Contact the country you plan on flying to and get all the information needed to export your pet (info such as vaccine and deworming requirements, health certificate requirements, quarantining etc) and contact your vet right away regarding these requirements.
  2. Contact your airline and get their specifications needed to fly your pet…weight restrictions, breed restrictions, health certificates, baggage versus cabin transport, whether sedation is allowed etc…
  3. Make sure your pet’s vaccine, deworming, heartworm preventative and identification tags are up to date.

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