Meet Our Staff

  • Dr. Shannon Wawryk

    Dr. Wawryk is one of our 3 Veterinarians working primarily in small animal medicine and surgery. She is the sole owner of the clinic and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993, and has lived and practiced in and around Stony Plain ever since. She has three grown children and enjoys her pets, gardening, and photography. She has traveled far and wide, but her favorite place so far has been Fiji!

  • Anita
    Animal Health Technologists

    Anita joined our clinic in January 2009. She graduated from NAIT in 2005. She enjoys spending her free time with her family and many pets. Anita has 2 Dobermans named Juno and Kayla and 1 Great Dane named Havoc. She also has a parrot named Keiko who keeps everyone entertained. He can say “Good Morning” and he can order a “double-double” at any time of the day! She’s also very interested in photography.

  • Hedy
    Office Staff

    Hedy has been our bookkeeper for the past four years. She has been a resident of Stony Plain for a number of years and has had various pets. Currently, she has one cat (Snowball) and a newly adopted kitten (Tina) for her grandson. She enjoys helping with any questions you may have regarding paperwork or other issues here at the clinic. Please feel free to give her a call at the clinic with any questions you may have!

  • Melvin
    Clinic Cat

    Melvin has been a permanent resident at the Stony Plain Veterinary Clinic since 2007. He came to us as an abandoned kitten that one of our clients found on the side of the highway. He had a leg injury and became a 3 legged cat when it needed to be amputated. He became our “Clinic Cat” here after winning all of our hearts! He is a grey and white short-haired cat with beautiful green eyes. You can find him either sleeping up front on one of the computers or having a cat nap in his cat tree in our treatment area. Melvin loves to play Hockey with dry food and he is the best goaltender around! His favorite treat is a little bit of wet food.

  • Cricket
    Clinic Cat

    Little Cricket came to us as an 8-week old kitten in 2012 with a frostbitten tail and a disfigured front leg. When she was a little bit older, we removed her leg and she’s adapted really well! We decided she needed to remain a permanent resident with us here as we all fell in love with her and her spunky attitude. It’s amazing what she can accomplish with one front paw, sometimes we wonder what a rascal she would be if she had two! She is a little black shorthaired kitten who is about 10 months old now and she keeps us all on our toes! She finds amazing hiding spots to have cat naps all around the clinic or she tries to cuddle in with Melvin on top of his cat tree. Her favorite treats are… anything and everything!!

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